Observations of FIXatioN Balansa NZ – Hawarden/NZ

Improved clover variety offers application diversity

Our season was moist until late October then super dry until mid-January. I fenced off the strip of FIXatioN in October and it wasn’t grazed until recently. We should have had a satisfactory seeding as the plot was left about a foot high through November and December. We are heading into a very good autumn starting with 100 ml of rain a week ago and some strike is happening now. The initial seed was drilled at the beginning of April last year probably a bit late and in mid-winter, we couldn’t identify any plants at all and thought it was a failure but the plants showed up in spring and grew well for a period. Balansa is a first choice plant for sheep which is why I fenced it off to give it a chance to seed.’ Tom C.

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