FIXatioN Images from Double D Pasturess – Grey Highlands/Ontario

FIXatioN Images from Double D Pasturess - Grey Highlands/Ontario

The first image is what I call my reference picture (the rock), it was an easy spot to find in my pasture. The little red clovers and perennial ryegrass growing beside it were seeded the same time (August 18), that picture was taken September or early October.


The next photo is my yearlings (steers and one heifer) out on the pasture early November, they are grazing FIXatioN Balansa.


My observations for the fall grazing was they searched out the Balansa, ate it, then looked for red and white clover, nibble and finally the grasses.’ [new paragraph] ‘This is want we are doing: 1. Most of this is being frost-seeded in the hayfield, which will be the fall grazing field, 2. Some will be put into the ‘beat-up’ spots on the main cattle and sheep grazing fields.’ [new paragraph] ‘The cattle are rotated through dense paddocks once or twice a day. The sheep will be rotated every 2 days, at moderate density. I want to see the quality of the hay we produce, the after effect and how it holds up. Round one with FIXatioN – FIXatioN was the winner by a long shot!’ Rick and Lisa Waechter, Double D Pastures.

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