Father/ Daughter pasture experiment – Albany/OR

Father/ Daughter pasture experiment - Albany/OR

October 5, 2016 -I talked my dad into trying some of our seed in his pastures. It’s only taken 30 years of me being in the Seed Industry – and it was by bribing him with free seed. He’s always subscribed to the thought that if there is something green and growing in the pasture, there is no need to spend any money to ‘improve’ things.

Today is the day – the seed had been delivered and the field prepared. In fact, the SucraSEED pasture mix already on the ground thanks to a friend.

Pin82-Risa 1

Today we were going to overseed with FIXatioN Balansa, the clover I’ve been bragging about so much. Since he doesn’t have any planting equipment, we had to improvise. My solution – use a hand crank lawn seed/fertilizer spreader…I’ll sit on the front of the four-wheeler and ‘crank’ while dad drives up and down the field. Not exactly what you’d call precision planting. I’m sure it wasn’t very uniform, but it got the job done and we used all the seed.

Pin82-Risa 2

In the process, I dropped my cell phone somewhere in the field…didn’t realize it until I got home that night. It was too dark to go back and look, not to mention the battery was all but dead so I couldn’t call it to locate it. DRATS!

October 6, 2016 – Went back to the field this morning not really expecting to find my phone. It rained overnight and I was sure it was a goner. Amazingly the cell phone was just inside the opening to the field, good thing it was bare dirt or I never would have found it! WOW – it works! Thank-you Microsoft – your Windows phone is very resilient.

 January 26, 2017 – Went down to dad’s to check on the pasture – he’s out of town so no four-wheeler, I’ll have to walk. It’s been really wet, but I want to see what’s there. The grasses are coming up well and I can find little baby FIXatioN plants, however, they’re a bit hard to pick out from all the buttercup that’s also coming up.


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