A big focus on soil health- Loudonville/OH

A big focus on soil health- Loudonville

“Soil health has been a big focus for myself and our farmer owned cooperative where I have been employed for nearly 20 years.  Much of the land in our area has been notilled for decades.  We are in a hilly area and soil erosion was a major problem with the plow.  With the need to keep the soil in place notill farming was started around 1969 here.  Thankfully there were advocates “folks working in the industry” to help our local farmers to promote no till with cover crops starting back in the 70’s.  I have been very fortunate to work Bill Haddad who is one of the most positive influential people for notill and cover crops in North Central Ohio since then.  I am excited to see the Fixation Balansa clover in the spring.  We have had a dry fall here, and some germination was delayed.  I am seeing much more of the balansa evident in the fields now.”

“Here in north central Ohio it is unseasonably warm!! So in need of soaking in some sun today I went looking for fixation balansa. Here are some photos of what I found near Loudonville, Ohio.  Planted the last week of October.  I’m so impressed with 1: the quantity of roots. 2: the size of the nodules in relation to the root size, and finally about a newer product we can take to our market to help our producers with soil health and some good ole’ Fixation.”

-Jon Spreng

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