It did exactly what I had hoped for- Argos/IN

It did exactly what I had hoped for- Argos

Attached are some pictures of the clover. Overall, the Balansa did exactly what I had hoped for. The below ground growth was pretty cool. Looking at the plant you would think there wasn’t much action but it was neat to dig the plants and find such root growth. We have burned all the clover down. Just using glyphosate we had no issue killing it. Corn is planted on at least 200 of the 400 acres we had it on. All were very highly trafficked fields, because they are corn on corn for silage. I was hoping to alleviate compaction and get a legume out there to break up the rotation. I would have liked to allow the clover to continue to grow. However, we mixed it with wheat and the top growth of the wheat was getting quite large. Some of the fields saw manure this spring and therefore were growing very aggressively. Next growing season my goal is to plant green and just seed with the clover, no wheat. Now that I know I can kill it with no problem and understand its growth pattern a little better, I’m looking to experiment with it more.


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